Everyone knows looking good is non-negotiable. Duh.

But with fashion revolution on the rise and growing enlightenment on all things sustainable, dressing well is becoming increasingly challenging. At least, for those among us with an awakened conscience.

Phaedis believes that good design has no expiration date. Especially in fashion. Think of that Damir Doma coat you're still wearing after 5 years.

That’s why we commit to plundering as many designer storages as we can, to bring you the hottest past-season goods we can find. You will not only look your best at that fancy dinner party or the important business meeting but you will also take a firm stance against the wastefulness of the fashion industry. Just like that.

And because we know you (aka we know you are a person of high standards) we want to take a step further and meet your most insatiable need: to live a life worth living. Don’t laugh! This is a serious matter. With every purchase you will make a contribution to Preemptive Love, helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives.

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From best dressed to world-saviour,
super-hero, white knight, guardian angel, whatever tickles your fancy.